Everyone is welcome to our table.
People, food intolerances, seasonal products or local producers. We want to offer an experience, eating well and real food. No barriers. Healthy choices only.
Welcome to The Food For Real.

Maria Maria
“When they got to the neighborhood, I had never heard of this kind of food. Today, there’s not a day I don’t stop by. For a coffee, an egg toast or the cheese bread I love, The Food for Real is my second home.”
Francesco Francesco
Impact Hub Lisbon – B2B Client
“It’s not easy finding a brand that offers vegan/vegetarian options and also products to those who have food intolerances. The value of inclusion is very important for us and aligns right with our principles. We believe we can get everyone to share the same table. That’s why we support The Food for Real on the path of teaching healthier recipes – sharing knowledge without being extremists and with a huge social impact.” Impact Hub Lisbon
Irene Irene
The Bam Straw – Supplier
“I immediately identified with the brand when I discovered it. I am vegan and adept to organic food. I was also begging to launch my bamboo straws project, which helps families in Bali. The Food for Real opened their doors to me and were the first to support and raise awareness on the fight against plastic.” The Bam Straw