About US

We are Fabiana and Ugo, the faces behind The Food for Real.

We like to cook since we can remember. In Rio de Janeiro, where we lived, Ugo always cooked for friends. The Christmas dinner was a tradition already. I always took cooking classes inspired by my mom. In 2013, for six months, I undertook every possible exam in many different specialists. But the strong headaches wouldn’t go away. Until the day I decided to look for a nutritionist who could heal me through food. I realised I was intolerant to gluten and it was important to change my eating habits. So that I wasn’t left aside during friends dinners, I started to cook for everyone.

We needed to reconnect and find a way of being happy through our work (and not only once it was done!).

Ugo left a manager position at a multinational communication organisation in Brasil and dove right into a cuisine and entrepeneurship in Barcelona. After a sabatic year in Barcelona, Ugo got to Lisbon to work at Rock in Rio. After the invitation to work at Web Summit his plans to go back to Catalunia were put off. At that time, having just gotten to Lisbon, I realised I spent hours and hours looking for recipes and testing them. I couldn’t find many offers and, besides that, I liked creating my own gluten-free recipes.

Together, we started to develop a business plan for a social inclusion project through food, a subject that made sense and fitted my specialisation in sustainability. From that, The Food for Real is born. Real food, inclusive, gluten-free and for everyone.

For us, The Food for Real is far more than a social inclusion project. We found ourselves, both personally and professionally. We invite everyone to leave your comfort zones, to dream and to consider that from a hobby you can find your actual life purpose.