Learn the secret of Tapioca

It is the best friend in a diet, works as a light option, sometimes substitutes bread, can be consumed in several ways: sweet, salty and it can even gain color. Tapioca, the cassava gum, which is trendy and everyone wants to learn how to make.

What if we replaced our daily bread with tapioca from time to time? The tapioca flour is made from cassava, a typical tuber of South and Central America. The tapioca has been gaining space next to the table of the Portuguese, for the simplicity, practicality and for being an excellent gluten-free product. Learn the secret to making the perfect tapioca.

3 tablespoons hydrated tapioca flour

Heat the skillet over medium heat. Put 3 tablespoons of tapioca flour already hydrated in a sieve and spread through the frying pan and spread the flour.
When it starts to loosen, turn the dough, turn off the fire and fill it with whatever you want 🙂

Tapioca is free of gluten, salt and hydrogenated fat. So it is a great option to replace the bread. But it is made up of a simple carbohydrate, which causes your sugar to be absorbed quickly by the body. So add chia or linseed in your tapioca dough. When preparing the dough, use the ratio of 3 tablespoons of gum / tapioca flour to 1 tablespoon of chia or crushed flaxseed.

Average preparation time: 5 minutes
Servings: 1 serving