Get to know our products and share with your friends and family at home! All of our products are gluten and lactose-free, without refined sugar or preservatives.

I'm Salty Granola I’m Salty Granola
Crunchy and versatile. Our salty granola came to change and improve your salads, soups or tartars. It helps adding texture to your dish, making it more enjoyable and tasty while promoting health. Irresistible and a great option of gift to offer.
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Stump I’m Tapioca
Naturally gluten-free, tapioca is versatile and has an infinity of recipes that go far beyond the traditional crepe. Check out some recipes on our Blog! 🙂
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Stump I’m Vegan Bread
With oregano and chia, which has a high percentage of fibers and Omega 3, they promote protein value and nutrition to your snack. The flavors will vary according to the seasonality of the vegetables, such as sweet potato, purple sweet potato, pumpkin and cassava.
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Stump I’m Cheese Bread
Simply IRRESISTIBLE! Our cheese breads are crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, handmade like our grandmas used to. The best part? An original brazilian recipe, adapted to local products.
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Stump I’m Tapioca Dice
An authentic recipe with tapioca pearls and quality cheese. Once baked they get crunchy on the outside and very creamy on the inside. To go with, we suggest red onion chutney or honey.
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Stump I’m Banana Cake
Linseed, chia, banana, raw fruits, coconut oil, almonds and cinnamon, together on our handmade style. 🙂
Anything else needs to be said?
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Stump I’m Brownie
It doesn’t matter the age, chocolate is always the favorite. We’ve developed an innovative recipe, very nutritious, so you can eat it guilty-free and kill what is killing you, the sweet craving!
Raw cacao and coconut sugar are the stars of this recipe.
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Stump I’m Vegan Truffle
What about an energy boost? These energy truffles are the perfect snack to feed us in between meals. They are also rich in important minrals such as magnesium, healthy fats and Omega 3 and 6.
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