We believe we can change the world through food. We want to prove how healthy food is tasty. And how it is the key point of social interaction and new experiences. We are a healthy and gluten-free brand that reaches everyone. Anyone, anywhere. Welcome to The Food for Real.

Our biggest purpose is to socially include those who have any eating restriction, either to gluten, to lactose or simply to a tomato. Flexibility on the production process of meals and products take The Food for Real closer to you.
We believe that social inclusion is fundamental to a quality life. That is what we want to deliver to your daily lives.
We have aligned recipes that will help you maintain a diet rich in seasonal ingredients, delivered by local produces and that will be good to your body.
Inspire yourself, try new products and take suggestions with you to maintain a balanced nutrition and be happy.

Stump Maria
“When they got to the neighborhood, I had never heard of this kind of food. Today, there’s not a day I don’t stop by. For a coffee, an egg toast or the cheese bread I love, The Food for Real is my second home”.
Stump Francesco
Impact Hub Lisbon – B2B Client
“It’s not easy finding a brand that offers vegan/vegetarian options and also products to those who have food intolerances. We support The Food for Real on the path of teaching healthier recipes – sharing knowledge without being extremists and with a huge social impact.”
Stump Irene
The Bam Straw – Supplier
“I immediately identified with the brand when I discovered it. I am vegan and adept to organic food. I was also beginning to launch my bamboo straws project, which helps families in Bali. The Food for Real opened their doors to me and were the first to support and raise awareness on the fight against plastic.” 
Stump Paula
“I thought healthy food was only salted vegetables and salad. When I discovered The Food for Real, I learned to make better choices and try new things in the kitchen. I started to have lunch there daily. I feel better and don’t have the need of eating cookies for snack anymore. I soon lost 10kgs. For me, it is balance, the therapy that maintains my body and mind healthy.”
Stump Rute
Konica Minolta
“I was tired of sandwiches for lunch at every work meeting. I knew the project and asked for a budget. I liked the concept, the possibility of adapting to our taste while respecting the participants’ intolerances. We managed to bring healthier options to our meetings. Thank you The Food for Real!”
Stump Felipe 
Quinoa Portuguesa
“We strongly believe in The Food for Real and the importance of strengthening relations with projects that connect people to healthy food. We have established an exclusive partnership with The Food for Real with our portuguese quinoa and offer this high quality grain to their meals.”

The Food for Real. Nesta mesa é tudo seriamente saudável

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